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Mission Statement & Goals
  Breaking Up Walls, a national 501C:3 non profit organization that connects diverse groups of individuals through a 4 step model using art as their tool for reconciliation. Our proven unique Unity Arts projects are sponsored through donations, grants, scholarships, and in kind gifts. These colorful art canvas', murals, and art scape's use varying structures and techniques created by diverse groups working along side one another in harmony and unity of purpose. Our Unity Art Projects diminish graffiti and beautify environments once marred by vandalism and crime. Our mission to break apart the walls that separate alienate and destroy property and people has been 100% successful. Governor Napolitano's awarded Breaking Up Walls, Inc. the STREET SAINT OF PHOENIX award. (2006) Multicultural, intergenerational and any diverse groups are taught to work along side one another in harmony and unity of purpose creating lasting private and public city scapes that transcend generational bias's for years.